Sage Open Access Contributor Agreement

8. What if I am a government employee?a) If you are a British, Canadian, Australian or British employee of the Commonwealth government, you only have to check the normal “Work for Jobs” or “Other Government Work (not the U.S.),” as this is your agreement, and your superiors have signed the De Contributor agreement. b) If you are a U.S. federal employee, please contact your superior, but your work is probably in the public domain, so not copyrighted and therefore cannot be transferred. Please activate the corresponding box on the form. To view sage Open`s list of editorial board members, please visit submissions are processed online via SAGE Track, SAGE Open`s web peer review and submission system, powered by ScholarOne ManuscriptsTM. Visit to find comprehensive guidelines for submitting manuscripts. Please ask questions of SAGE requires the author, as the rights holder, to sign a Journal Contributor`s Publishing Agreement for all articles we publish. The SAGE Journal Contributor publication contract is a licensing agreement under which the author retains copyright in the work, but gives SAGE exclusive and exclusive rights and publication license for the full legal duration of the copyright. Exceptions may exist where the assignment of copyright is required or preferred by a licensee other than SAGE. In this case, the copyright to the work is transferred by the author to the company. Gold Open Access Magazines: Correspondent authors who publish an article in a Gold Open Access magazine are also entitled to a 20% discount on the journal`s processing fee (APC).

Click here for the list of titles of the participating Gold magazine. This discount is automatically applied to the SAGE open access portal. If an author is eligible, the discounts cannot be combined, but the highest discount available to the author applies to the APC due. 6. What if I have co-authors who contribute to this article? You must ensure that you have the consent of your co-authors to submit the publication article and that you have the right to sign the contribution agreement on their behalf. If they prefer, all authors can sign the agreement. Co-authors can either sign and return the same copy of the agreement, or each author can sign and return separate copies of the agreement. 14. Can I publish my Open Access article in the SAGE Choice Scheme? SAGE offers optional open access, funded in a number of magazines. To view an up-to-date list, link to the following information. For these recordings, you are asked to choose this option when accepting your contribution.

For more information, see SAGE Choice FAQ. SAGE will publish your article under a non-commercial Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY-NC) license that will allow others to reuse the plant without authorization, as long as the work is properly referenced and its use is not commercial. Authors who must be licensed CC BY by their funder may publish under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY), which allows the use of the work for commercial purposes. 15. Do I need to sign a contribution agreement when I publish my Open Access article in the SAGE Choice Scheme? If you choose to use your article in a magazine for the SAGE Choice program as an open, you must sign a wise publication agreement. For more information, see SAGE Choice.