Republic Services Customer Service Agreement

I have been a Republic Services customer for years, and after increasing the service fees for my smallest garbage container collection, I decided to explore alternatives and create a local business that was genuinely interested in creating and maintaining my account at a lower cost with useful customer service. When I cancelled the service by calling Republic`s local number and requesting that the container be picked up before the next billing cycle, I started receiving invoices saying I owed them more than $50 in REMOVAL FEES! And that if they hadn`t been paid, they would send my account back to a collection agency. So the buyers nest. Thus, Republic Services treats their loyal customers – and their bill that they went to seek property from the Republic after giving them away for years and “taking” their money. There is no service in the services of the Republic. I was so glad it was solved! But today I received this email: “I hope everything is okay. I received a call from my manager about this cancellation and he advised me about additional information that is needed to close it. I have already received the communication; However, we must withdraw 6 months of liquidated damages for breach of contract. This amount will be $622.50. As soon as we withdraw this payment, we can close the account and break the contract. I have attached the current agreement that we have on the record, which is valid until 8/2023.

Please let me know if you have any questions or how you would like to proceed. We have opportunities to live the rest of the contract so we don`t break it. This company increases my bill without notice. That`s almost a 50% increase. When I asked why, they didn`t give me an explanation, they just explained that there were garbage cans of different sizes. In addition to their questionable bill increase, their service was also bad. Sometimes they didn`t pick up our trash, which is irritating, but it`s going to get worse. Once, we went back to our missing dumpster, so we checked our camera. The collector threw our dumpster in his trash can and fled. When we went out, they replaced the trash can, but it`s just crazy for me that they`re doing this and not increasing your bill by almost 50%. If I could use another company, I`d be in a crush.

On my phone was published a message with the article “Hello this Lisa from Republic Services, your trash provider. All residential roads and most commercial routes will be delayed by one day throughout the holiday week. Please, you have a happy and safe holiday. Thank you very much. Tomorrow, thanksgiving, I called the Republic to check on the day of our garbage collection, either Thanksgiving or Friday. Customer service staff said: “Oh, your garbage service has already been picked up today. There will be no further pickup this week. Your response is totally contrary to the phone message received. We don`t go through a lot of garbage, but we have to go and get our recycling. Republic, don`t leave phone messages with inaccurate false information. Good morning, Whitney, we apologize for your frustrations.

We want to deal with it. Please provide your service address, including the postcode and a good contact number. Please allow up to 24 hours of business to respond to your message. Thank you FL Hello Robert, Thanks for taking the time to post your review.