Procurement Technical Assistance Cooperative Agreement Program

PTACs come in many different sizes and shapes and reflect the needs, priorities and resources of the areas they support. Some PTACs are managed directly by federal state governments; others cooperate with universities, community universities, local economic development societies or other local institutions. Some PTACs operate within the Office of Indian Affairs and serve exclusively Indian companies. Many are linked in one way or another to small business development centers and other small business programs. All PTACs are staffed by experienced public procurement consultants and offer a wide range of services, including courses and seminars, personalized advice and easy access to offers, contract specifications, purchase hiss and other information needed to successfully compete for government contracts. The Technical Assistance Program (PTAP) was approved in 1985 by Congress to increase the number of companies able to participate in the public market. The program is managed by the Ministry of Defence, the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and provides Technical Assistance Services Supply Centers (PTACs) through cooperation agreements with governments and local governments and non-profit organizations. We provide technical assistance for procurement to help you sell your products or services to the appropriate government authority by providing confidential advice free of charge. The core of our purchasing assistance program is counselling and training. All you need to do is register here to use our free services. Ninety-nine technical assistance centres – with more than 300 local offices – form a national network of dedicated procurement experts that help local businesses compete successfully in the public market.

PTACs are the bridge between the buyer and the supplier and bring their knowledge of both public procurement and the skills of contractors, in order to maximize a fast and reliable service for our government, with better quality and lower costs. The Colorado PTAC, which is the Supply Technical Assistance Centre (PTAC), is funded in part by a Ministry of Defence (DOD) cooperation agreement through a program managed by the Defence Logistics Agency (DLA). The content of the PTAC`s written or oral submissions does not necessarily reflect official opinions or involves the approval of DOD or DLA. The Government Contract Assistance Program (GCAP) has been providing technical assistance to thousands of Oregon businesses since its inception in 1986 since its inception in 1986. We have offered advice and training that has led to hundreds of millions of contracts for our clients. GCAP is the only organization available to Oregon companies that provide comprehensive procurement advice, technical training and marketing assistance in public procurement. In 1986, the first cooperation funds for the PTAP granted in the state went to the port of Coos Bay. APTAC is the professional organization and technical assistance programs for DLA-funded contracts. APTAC supports PTACs with important information, professional networks, comprehensive training and a voice in national government areas that command support and policies. With support from Congress and local support, the program was expanded to the entire state of Oregon in 1989.