Aipac Loyalty Agreement

But in December, four Aipac officials, including Kohr, were summoned to testify before a grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia. In March, Aipac`s senior counsel, Nathan Lewin, met with U.S. District attorney Paul McNulty, who agreed to let Lewin see some of the evidence of the city`s pentagonal spine. According to an aipac source, another part of the telephone conversation between Rosen, Weissman and Glenn Kessler from the post office recorded by F.B.I. was played for Lewin. In that conversation, Rosen Kessler reportedly talked about Iranian agents in southern Iraq, information Weissman had received from Franklin. In the part of the conversation Lewin heard, Rosen joked that he “didn`t have any problems.” He also says, “At least we don`t have an Official Secret Act” – the British law that makes journalists punishable when they publish classified information. aipac is a Leviathan among lobbies, as influential in his sphere as the National Rifle Association and the American Association of Retired Persons in their, although he is much smaller in comparison. (aipac has about one hundred thousand members, the N.R.A.

more than four million.) At the Aipac annual conference in May 2004, President Bush said: “They have always understood and warned about the bad ambitions of terrorism and their networks. In a dangerous new century, their work is more important than ever. aipac is unique at the higher level of lobbies, because it is about the economic health and security of a foreign nation and because its members come almost exclusively from a single ethnic group. In other words, Rep. Omar confirms that since AIPAC`s request that every member of Congress must sign a declaration of allegiance to Israel, it has been reported privately and is well known, although the MSM claims to be aware of it. AIPAC spokesman Marshall Wittmann said the lobby had no loyalty to any political party in Israel or the United States, and that it was “wrong” to suggest otherwise. Instead, he said, “We are a bipartisan organization of Americans who exercise our constitutional right to lobby the government.” For AIPAC, whose stated mission is to improve relations between the United States and Israel, it is essential to appeal to the entire political spectrum. In recent years, however, Israel has become an increasingly divided subject in American public opinion. According to a July poll by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, Republican support for Israel is 73% and 44% for Democrats; The gap between liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans is even bigger.

But as the meetings continued, Democrats began to find consensus. In December, Ester Kurz, AIPAC`s Director of Legislative Strategy, visited Nancy Pelosi, the minority leader, to ask her to pass the resolution. Pelosi defended himself and noted that many members of Hoyer`s caucus strongly opposed it. David Price, a Democrat, and Charles Dent, a Republican, had written a letter to the president asking him to take advantage of the diplomatic opening after Rouhani`s election to try a nuclear deal; She collected a hundred and thirty-one signatures. Referring to the letter, Pelosi asked why AIPAC wanted this resolution at that time. In June 2004, F.B.I. agents searched Franklin`s Pentagon office and his home in West Virginia and allegedly found 83 secret documents. Some dealt with the Iran debate, others related to Al Qaeda and Iraq. (A separate indictment from the Confederacy, citing the documents, was handed over to West Virginia.) According to a person who rejoiced in the Franklin case, the agents told Franklin that Rosen and Weissman were working against America`s interests.