Tstt Collective Agreement

Elder said the CWU would question the process by which TSTT removes workers. He said that the collective agreement states that cuts are not possible if the union is not on board and said: “At no time did the union accept that the savings were justified. So we are questioning the whole process. TATT added that one of the other conditions of its consent is that “the plaintiffs, in agreement with the majority shareholder National Enterprise Ltd. (NEL), submit, in accordance with the shareholders` agreement, a full sale of CWC`s interest in TSTT and are approved in writing by the Authority, without unduly withholding that authorization. “Today is a good day, as CWU and TSTT become partners for the survival of the company,” said Julien. “I hope that work would not only require more, but that it would do more to ensure that work regains its rightful place in society.” Newsday asked if workers were psychologically “moving on” to create new plans for their lives. Elder said: “People are still trying to make up for themselves and sort out what happened. Given the economic situation, it is difficult for people to have plans. You can`t bet on the economy. Elias stated that the context of the new collective agreement was that it meant a significant increase in costs for TSTT, which has generated only low revenues over the past five years. .

The former collective agreement for the 2008-2010 bargaining period was settled when the Labour Tribunal issued a judgment in May 2015 that required TSTT to pay an additional $450 million to its employees. This means that in less than a year, TSTT would have paid more than $750 million to its 1,600 youth and 416 executives for retroactive increases for both tariff terms. The CWU again calls on the Government of Trinidad and Tobago to take the lead in this situation and refuse any authorization to transfer control of Columbus` local operations to wireless and wireless communications. Oh, what a confusing network they`ve woven around the TATT. It is now up to the CWU to lead the fight against Cable and Wireless, Columbus Communications, TATT and the government of international partnership stubborn and visionless Trinidad and Tobago. The effective wage increase is expected to be greater than 10 per cent, as a subsistence allowance (COLA) of $1,041 would be consolidated from January 2011 on the basic salary of employees and the wage increase would be applied. You know all the business strategies and competition initiatives of the company. In this context, how can they enter the same market through another competing commercial entity of TSTT in the same product offerings? They would certainly have a significant competitive advantage through their intimate knowledge of all the business and the financial position of the company.